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catcopter 2.4Mb [via everlasting blort] Short version (Windows media file) [via underachievers]

Web Page Analyzer [via zeldman] Must.compress.and.optimize.

YAPH: Management Techniques [via leslie]

Writing secure and portable PHP applications [via cal of course]

peace posters

Melanie Goux is holding a peace poster competition, with some nice awards. The deadline for entries is 17 April, 2003. No purchase necessary, enter as often as you wish, so I am.

Thanks to G.K. for the early bird hat tip.

That ping that you do

Matt is using DoSomething and Trackback to ping and update his ‘Now Playing’ list from Winamp. He has a detailed, but easy to follow explanation. Very nice.

Picasso, Basquiat, oolong

A co-worker was forwarded an email that included an opinion piece about the coming war, and it referenced Guernica a few times, mostly used in adjective form, such as this ‘Guernican war’. Anyway, he turned to me and asked, “What’s geurnica?” Well, not knowing what he was reading at the time, my first response was Picasso’s painting, Guernica. And I went looking for a suitable link to point him to that would have an image, and an explaination of the story behind it. While doing that, I stumbled across GUE8Z!CA, an interesting project by our friends at entropy8zuper!. It’s a bit haunting, but I definitely found it engaging. If you’re interested in viewing it, you’ll need to get the blender plug-in for your browser. You can find it at

You also might want to make your way over to Carnivore as well, if for no other reason than to check out the quicktime movie Police State. There’s no telling where you’ll go from there.

In keeping with the art theme of this post, G.K. posted a great piece on Basquiat that’s just chock full of links. My new favourite link is Stencil Revolution. I haven’t done a silkscreen/stencil in ages, so this is looking sweet.

For those still mourning the passing of Oolong, the pancake-wearing rabbit… bunnies.

de la Soul

Damn. I knew I missed something. I missed the launch party for Soul of the Web Magazine. Hey, no wait, it wasn’t my fault. My invite came late, they couldn’t find my name on the guest list, my suit was at the cleaners, I was drunk the night before and… umm… ah hell.

A belated congratulations to Jim, Randy, and Ray on the birth of their love child. You guys might wanna think about adding one of those SOUL buttons to your sites, by way of promotion. You know, like this:

I’m just sayin’.

MoMA Lisa

Leonardo da Vinci at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and an in-depth feature.


“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

Life has kinda had me by the short hairs lately, but the motto goes, “endeavor to persevere”, and KBO, so the only thing to do is simply do whatever comes next.

My longstanding companion through many adventures, my truck, finally decided it was time to die. No particular reason, it simply had enough. If this had been any other time, it wouldn’t have been a major concern, but now was just not a good time. Life seems to know just when to poke me with a pointy stick, but it will all be straightened out soon.

Computer had been down for about a week while I upgraded some hardware and prepped it for a multiboot configuration. I planned poorly, and wound up repartitioning and reinstalling operating systems a few times, but things seems stable enough at the moment. My PC now boots two flavours of Windows, and thanks to Redhat (v8.0), I am now a linux newbie. I am /root’ing my way around it slowly, but so far I like it. As for hardware upgrades, there’s a new wireless network around here [ed. note—A moot point since the death of the truck means no laptop is in the near future.], a new 80GB drive, and what I consider the best mouse I’ve ever used.

Had I planned things better, downtime would have been minimal. Woulda, shoulda, coulda, didn’t!

I’ve noticed a rash of spiffy redesigns while surfing around this weekend [ed. note—As well as how funky this site looks in Konqueror], and took special notice of how entrenched the two-column layout seems to have become; most being some variation on the kottke theme. Not that there’s anything wrong with it all, but as the format distills, things just seem so generic. Could be I’m just bored.

I do a lot of things that, for some odd reason, I never post here. A while back I worked up a quick redesign of an Amazon page in CSS. I’m honoured that Nick saw fit to link to it in his Structure with Style presentation. I’d like to point out that I also did a NN4 compatible version, but that one was never altogether finished. I also did what I like to think of as the first stable, NN4 compatible, all CSS 3 column layout with a header and footer. Yes there are still some issues that need addressing, but I’m working on those. I need to set up a full-on CSS repository for this stuff.

Lastly, of all the gin joints in all the world, what would kenji takehito want with my site?